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Distillery Microgrid
Distillery Microgrid

Rogue Energy Ventures and a partner are developing a site to show how onsite solar and storage can support operations for a distillery in Texas. This will allow them to leverage sustainable power resources and earn future revenues from providing support to the grid.

Electric Car Battery Charging
EV Fast Charging

The demand for fast-charging stations for electric vehicles is growing. This is also changing the way local electric distribution utilities operate. Rogue Energy Ventures is showing how adding localized energy storage to meet the dynamic schedules of these locations makes sense. We are helping developers, utilities, and manufacturers manage this challenge.

Tropical Island
Island Power

The advances made in the technology of solar panels, battery energy storage, and controls to integrate with existing generation are allowing the economic integration of more renewables and storage on island power grids traditionally powered only by fossil fuels. We work with private customers and institutions on providing solutions that improve reliability and resiliency with the (now economic) addition of clean energy technologies.

Elegant hand holding battery with full o
Mobile Microgrid Storage with REVPWR BLOCK™ and REVPWR APP™

The team at Rogue Energy Ventures has significant experience managing the restoration of power after natural disasters and manmade power outages. We are developing our REVPWR BLOCK™ to have a portable microgrid solution that can quickly be deployed to support disaster recovery critical infrastructure, emergency centers, and through the use of the REVPWR APP™ can offer realtime updates and management.

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